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HiRez Network. The all in one solution.

Enabling vendors and operators to focus on their core expertise of marketing, selling and delivering activities to valued customers.

Simple to use, easy to integrate, and fully automated.

Hirez Professional Customer Services

A successful Tour Operations and Activity Reservations solution must go beyond the hardware and software and include reliable & effective customer service.

With the HiRez team you are guaranteed the 'hands-on' support and services necessary for a quick and efficient implimentation and throughout the operations life-cycle.

  • Looking to implement your solution?
  • Need a Hirez Suite babysitter?
  • Unsure how to migrate your legacy data into Hirez?
  • Expanding your implementation and want developers support?

Hirez Network can provide all of this and more for your Hirez solution implementation. We offer:

  • Support Services - Get assistance from the Hirez experts to resolve your technical issues.
  • Implementation Services - Attain a variety of customizable Hirez implementation options from the Hirez team at any point of your installation life-cycle.
  • Professional Services - Get technology and consulting expertise from the Hirez team for specialized, strategic solutions.

If you'd like to speak to someone at Hirez about these offerings, you can contact us (808) 441-6700 or email us at .