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HiRez Network. The all in one solution.

Enabling vendors and operators to focus on their core expertise of marketing, selling and delivering activities to valued customers.

Simple to use, easy to integrate, and fully automated.


HiRez has developed POS and Reservation/Booking software systems (complete end-to-end business management systems, integrated Web modules and an exclusive Business-to-Business network-based sales systems) for the leading travel and attraction companies in Hawaii including Pleasant Holidays LLC (a subsidiary of American Automobile Association of Southern California), American Express, Atlantis Adventures Hawaii (Hawaii's largest activity & tour provider with operations on 3 islands), Atlantis Submarines International (The Caribbean's largest tour operator with operations in 7 destinations/islands). HiRez launched its first client in Hawaii in 2002, and currently has 9 agencies (50 activities desks) and 150 plus vendors using HiRez software. This translates into $5 to $7 million in booking transactions a month running through the HiRez network.

HiRez Network has been a leader in the industry in Hawaii for past 2+ years with over 150+ vendors and agencies processing $4 million per month in sales.


HiRez was built with one of today's most powerful software platform using Microsoft's .NET technology at its core. What this means to you is that HiRez Network's architecture is superior to our competitors, and allows you to take full advantage of speed as a desktop application while also maintaining native support for website operations, stand alone kiosks and custom TV programming. Its the best of both worlds, a truly integrated system with no compromises.

Attention and Commitment

HiRez is a software development and service company specializing in Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer Interactive applications for the Activities, Leisure & Tourism Industry. HiRez consists of a suite of products and a network-based service system that improves and facilitates the way marketing, sales transactions, and communications are handled between Activity Vendors, their Resellers, and other transaction stakeholders. Since its introduction in 2002, HiRez' innovative design and technology has helped its clients increase productivity, efficiency and revenue.

HiRez has over three years of experience working with the Activities, Leisure & Tourism Industry in Hawaii. By working closely with some of the leading agencies and activity vendors in Hawaii we've incorporated their valuable input and extensive knowledge of the industry into the development of the HiRez Network suite of products and business solutions.

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive POS software system on the market today integrated with a sales and marketing network of the top activities and attractions in the state, as well as custom software development, consulting and innovative end-to-end solutions for the Activities, Leisure & Tourism Industry. To take the Company's marketing and sales network and create an interactive platform for delivering intelligent real time content with call-to-action capability thru HiRez's state of the art booking engine via the web, on television, at stand alone kiosks, call centers and remote service locations.